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At ASET we abide by Halal Investing. This serves as the foundation of our ethical philosophy. We partner with Islamic investment funds that help grow our wealth in a halal and responsible way. The word “halal” in its simplest form means “permitted.” If an object or action is designated as halal, its use is considered to be Islamically permissible.

Halal investing is also sometimes referred to as “Shariah-compliant” investing. What does this mean? Western discussions of Shariah often focus on extreme interpretations of penal codes. But Shariah, which derives from the Qur’an and the religious teaching of Islam, is also applied to the finance sector, as well. In English, the word “Shariah” means “the path that leads to water.” In other words, it’s the means by which our thirst for guidance and social justice is quenched. We believe that halal investing can be seen as part of a wider movement towards the promotion of sustainability as a key element of economic life.

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